Making the energy market

We are a Brisbane-based company, providing innovative, fit-for-purpose software and other services across the Australian energy market. Through our experienced development team and the strength of our client relationships, we have successfully delivered effective and insightful solutions for over 20 years.


Since our inception, our team has built or been involved with building a number of solutions that have allowed stakeholders to navigate the energy market, but some of our core products and services include:

  • ez2view – data acquisition, analysis and visualisation software designed for larger organisations with significant exposure to the market, so they can monitor it in real-time, and conduct forensic analysis after the fact.
  • NEMreview – a software tool designed for analysts to access, slice and dice historical market data.
  • NEMwatch – an entry-level software dashboard designed for stakeholders to monitor the market in real-time.
  • deSide – a software and notification system designed for large energy users so they can participate in demand response.
  • WattClarity – a blog providing analysis and market commentary running since 2007.
  • WattClarity Deeper Insights – we’ve published a number of detailed analytical reports about generator performance and the state of the market under this banner.
  • Data Delivery & Feeds – we’ve worked with many clients to set up, manage and/or host data feeds so that they can receive MMS and related data stress-free. Please visit our contact page and reach out if you’d like to find out more about this service.