About Us

At Global-Roam we specialise in designing and building software products and related services that allow organisations in the Australian energy sector to analyse, monitor and understand the National Electricity Market (NEM) and it’s underlying data.


Our company was founded in 2000, and in those 20+ years we have developed the industry experience and technical ability that enables us to partner with our clients to build and maintain a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help them navigate the complexity and volatility of the NEM. These solutions include dashboards, analysis tools, written reports, commentary blogs, and other services.


Our main office, located in Milton, Queensland, is the base of our development team’s operations, while we also have key team members based in Sydney and Melbourne, allowing us to better serve our clients across the country.



Our Purpose

Our reason for existence is to make the complexity of the energy market more understandable so that our clients can make better decisions.

These decisions include shorter-term decisions (e.g. operational, trading, etc…) and also longer-term decisions (related to strategy, business development and government policy).  The people making the decisions we assist with can be found all the way up and down the organisation chart, across a very broad range of energy market participants, spectators and other stakeholders in the broader energy supply industry.


To best serve our purpose we operate our business based on four key principles:


Our customers come first

We recognise that it’s only by delighting our clients, day after day, that we will have a sustainable business – and hence be able to provide benefits to employees and shareholders.


We never give up striving to improve

It’s not just “never giving up”. By iterating through small bets, and learning from our mistakes, we’re disciplined about improving week-after-week. See more about the Agile way in which we work.


We facilitate openness

Through our products, we strive to facilitate transparency and understanding in the energy market. Internally, we actively seek out new and improved ways of doing things.


We take responsibility when problems appear

We look for needs, and each play our role in getting things done – without waiting to be told. The buck stops with us.