Helping to highlight new record lows for Scheduled Demand across the NEM


During the months of August and September, scheduled demand across the NEM reached new record lows in multiple regions. As Paul McArdle noted in his analysis on WattClarity, many underlying factors contributed to this trend – the most notable of which is the impact that COVID-19 has had on electricity consumption.

In late August, he noted that Victorian Scheduled Demand plunged to it’s lowest recorded point during daylight hours since the inception of the NEM more than 20 years ago. Two weeks later, South Australia also hit a record low, reaching it’s lowest recorded figure for scheduled demand, excluding the system black event in 2016.

And earlier today, Angela McDonald-Smith referenced our CEO in this morning’s Australian Financial Review, highlighting a similar occurrence in the QLD region in the article “Grids and coal power generators struggle as rooftop solar soars”:

In Queensland, scheduled demand dropped to its lowest level for 16 years on Sunday, August 23, according to market watcher Paul McArdle at Global-Roam.