Marcelle Gannon featured in ‘energy @ Melbourne Energy Institute’ newsletter

It was 50 weeks ago today (on 23rd March 2020) that Marcelle Gannon began working with us as our first* Melbourne-based employee.

*  as noted here at the end of last year, Marcelle was joined by Linton Corbet – also working out of Melbourne – from August 2020. 

Over the past year that Marcelle has been working with us, we’ve greatly appreciated the value that Marcelle has delivered:

1)  First and foremost in helping to deliver even more value to our ez2view clients by driving that software forward (for instance, with the v8 release from 22nd February 2021)

2)  But also through a variety of other means … including:

(a)  a growing number of articles on WattClarity,

(b)  and an occasional speaking slot at a conferences and industry briefings organised by AEMO and others

(c)  plus notable contributions to team dynamics and so on…

Given the value Marcelle has delivered to our clients, and to us directly, it was not really a surprise when we saw that the Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI) had chosen to feature Marcelle in its latest ‘energy@melbourne’ newsletter at the end of February 2021:

The MEI notes:

“Marcelle’s articles provide wonderful insights into the Australian electricity market, particularly her discussions of renewables.  Important concepts are explained clearly and evidence is even provided!”

We look forward to continuing to deliver a still increasing amount of value to our clients –  through ez2view and our other software applications, and also through services like WattClarity® and others.

If you know of others who can help us to do this better and faster, we’d look forward to hearing from them.


PS … we can’t argue with the description of WattClarity as a service for the ‘Peak Energy Tragic’